Easy to Install

Plug and Plang in as little as 15 minitues.

Mobile/Web/Alexa/Google Remote Operation

Watering your garden on App,Web or Alexa/Google & anywhere and anytime.

Auto Adjusts to Weather Conditions

Save up to 40% water and money within seasons & daily weather.

Take Care Each flower

Save water up to 50% annually,and EPA WaterSense Certified with significant rebates.

Future Proof

Controller works as same as a traditional on if Internet unavailable.

NxEco on Globe
(NxEco Smart Watering Service is available on Blue Regions. More are on the Way...)

Eco Watering... Google Home and Alexa !

Ok, Google, Eco Watering ...
Alexa, Talk to Eco Watering

Alexa or Google Home waters your yard via Nxeco smartly. The NxEco Smart Controller directly integrates with the best connected Google Home and Alexa. Easy and Fun!
(Go to Support page for more details)