Best for the Money: Nxeco Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

Nxeco is listed "Best for the Money" by professional Website:Smart Future Home Automation, among Top 10 Automatic WiFi Sprinkler and Irrigation Controller

The professional evaluator wrotes:

Home automation doesn't stop at the walls of your home. The rest of your property can benefit from intelligent technology. One of the most precious resources we have is water. Watering our gardens can be one of the most ecologically unfriendly things we do, not to mention a major chore. Of course, there have always been sprinkler and irrigation systems that can take the chore bit out of the equation, but a system like that will water your lawn even when it's raining. Here we have reviews of some of the best smart irrigation controls available today. My favorites are listed first and the rest are not ranked. The Nxeco Pro has spared no thought at all for its looks, preferring an almost completely functional design. It has a big physical knob akin to what you'd find on old-timey washing machines and has a very basic Casio-like LCD screen. The upside of this laser focus on functionality is the very reasonable price. For a 12-zone control unit this is probably as cheap as it's going to get. The other advantage, depending on how you look at it, is that the onboard controls are easy to operate with gloves on or for those who don't feel comfortable using a smartphone app. The app itself is of course much more polished compared to the actual console, although it is still hardly an oil painting. Nxeco refer to their product as being "professional-grade", although I'm not sure how that is the case. Apart from WiFi you also have the option of a cellular or ethernet connection. One cool feature is that the unit will reboot itself if the WiFi stops working, although it would be more useful to reboot the router, as that's more likely to be the cause of connection drops. For all its robust looks, this is actually an indoor unit. There is an outdoor option that comes with a weather-resistant cabinet. So don't go thinking that you can stick this cheaper model outside in the rain. This controller also uses weather data to decide when to water and when not to. It also has EPA certification, so you can claim your money back from certain municipalities. Although apparently some places require that it be connected to a rain sensor in order to qualify for that rebate. The verdict? Well, it seems to work as advertised; buyers have no complaints. The price is excellent for what you get and the smart features are there. A good choice. If however, you do qualify for a full rebate, so why not get something more expensive?

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