Nxeco launches second generation NX-series smart controllers

November 20, 2016-Newport Beach, CA-Nxeco launches their second generation smart controllers that greatly reduce response time between controller and smart phone app.

Nxeco is proud to announce the launch of their second generation of controllers with a reduced response time. Traditional smart controllers require more than three seconds to respond and Nxeco's next generation controller, the NX Series, has a response time of less than one second.

And, Nxeco is also proud to add the identical smart watering function on each individual zone on NX Series. On each zone, users may fine the smart watering for various plants and soil conditions.

The NX Series is available in 8 station and 12 station configurations with the sensor port. Both are EPA WaterSense Labeled for confirmed water savings and qualify for local water district rebates. The NX Series can be operated on the device, on a smart phone via the Nxeco APP, on a desktop computer using the Mysmartdrop.com micro smart irrigation platform or the enterprise level SNAP smart irrigation platform. The NX8, 8 station controller carries an MSRP $119.99 and the NX12, 12 station controller has an MSRP of $149.99. Units are currently available at local irrigation accessory retailers.

About Nxeco

  • Founded in 2014, Nxeco was designed with the simple idea that smart is better and better should be simple. Nxeco is a consortium of experts in the fields of technology, communication and business. Nxeco users enjoy premium products without a premium price point. Nxeco has been a finalist in the OC Tech Alliance GreenTech awards and a finalist for the Irrigation Association's best New Products Award.

For sales inquiries, please contact Nxeco at sales@nxeco.com or visit www.nxeco.com