NxEco Version 2.0.3 has been released

On March 10, 2017, NxEco Inc. formally releases NxEco smart irrigation APP version 2.0.3 . This Android sub-version is available on Google Play. The iOS version is going to be released soon. Version 2.0.3 is great for NxEco Generation 2: NX8 and NX12, which are on market now. Of course, it is fully compatible to current controller HWN12-100.

The following upgrades are added in version 2.0.3

1) In the entry page, press the green leaf and the following info are shown up

  • STATUS: Online (Offline)
  • DELAY: Yes (No)
  • DELAY BY: Manual ( Sensor) (Smart)
  • Watering: Zone #1.
  • Waiting : Zone #2,#3 ...

2) Correcting the English in entry page

a. Setting --> settings

b. Account Profiles --> Advanced Features

3) In the Advanced Features page

a. Authorized Accounts --> Valet Keys

b. The About page shows the Contact NxEco.

  • i. www.nxeco.com
  • ii. support@nxeco.com
  • iii. Telephone number
  • iv. And Legal Notices.

4) Displaying the WIFI channel. As entering WiFi connection page, the APP detects the WIFI channel info. If the phone does not connect to the WIFI at 2.4 GHz Channel, the APP shows the warning block as:

Please enjoy Version 2.0.3. Welcome your feedback.