NxEco Version 1.6.1

Master Valve Control Option

NxEco Pro version 1.6.1 can control the operation of a master valve. Master valves are used by landscaping professionals to prevent irrigation pipeline damage from becoming a costly catastrophe.

Simply connect the master valve to zone 12 on the NxEco Pro. The NxEco app will not include zone 12 in the overall watering budget to ensure you have an accurate forecast of your irrigation watering usage.

Then activate the master valve control within the NxEco App under the settings menu option. Activate the slider to turn on the master valve control option. You will notice zone 12 is no longer selectable, with the new label of master valve.

NxEco provides the updated Firmware 1.6.1 at no charge for current NxEco customers. Please contact NxEco for your returns authorization number and proper shipping procedure.