Nxeco Controller FW V.2.4.2 Released

On Jan, 10, 2020, Nxeco releases smart controller FW v.2.4.2 officially. The FW v.2.4 is only applied for HWN12-200 (12 Zone) and HWN12-200 plus (36 Zone).

NxEco Version 2.0.3 has been released

On March 10, 2017, NxEco Inc. formally releases NxEco smart irrigation APP version 2.0.3 . This Android sub-version is available on Google Play.

Nxeco launches second generation NX-series smart controllers

November 20, 2016-Newport Beach, CA-Nxeco launches their second generation smart controllers that greatly reduce response time between controller and smart phone app.

Best for the Money: Nxeco Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

Nxeco is listed "Best for the Money" by professional Website:Smart Future Home Automation, among Top 10 Automatic WiFi Sprinkler and Irrigation Controller

NxEco Version 2.0.1 has been released

On Nov. 16, 2016, NxEco Inc. formally releases NxEco smart irrigation APP version 2.0.1. Both of iOS and Android sub-version are available on Apple Store and Google Play.

The Smarter Way to

Southern California HOA Moves to Digital Irrigation with NxEco Controllers

How smart is your irrigation?

By Newsroom on April 14, 2016.

How Much Can You Save with NxEco?

How Much Can You Save with NxEco?

NxEco Version 1.7.0

On Feb. 10, 2016, NxEco Inc. formally releases NxEco smart irrigation APP version 1.7.0.

NxEco Version 1.6.1 Master Valve Control Option

NxEco Pro version 1.6.1 can control the operation of a master valve. Master valves are used by landscaping professionals to prevent irrigation pipeline damage from becoming a costly catastrophe.

NxEco Works in Multiple Countries

The latest update to the NxEco mobile app supports more international customers. They include USA, Australia and the Netherlands.

August 2015 - Nxeco mobile app version 1.5.6 is updated with lots of new features (friendlier Wi-Fi controller registration and detailed sign up page).

July 2015 - Nxeco mobile app version 1.5.5 is updated with lots of new features.

June 2015 - NxEco smart irrigation controller is now EPA WaterSense Certified, and eligible for weather based irrigation controller rebates from many water municipalities nationwide. The rebates are up to $260 in Orange County, $100 to $255 in Los Angeles County, $250 in Pasadena, $250 in City of San Bernardino, $200 in Corona, and $300 for Silicon Valley. For more information here.

May 2015 - Nxeco together with UCLA, SUNY at Stony Brook and Los Angeles based Polyradiant Inc. received a three-year ARPA-E grant. Nxeco will apply its IoT (internet of things) technology to smart air conditioning.

Feburary 2015 - Nxeco controller is eligible for 50% rebate (up to $200) from South Nevada Water District

May 2014 - Nxeco was founded for the mission of "IoT for sustainability", here IoT means Internet of Things. The founding team includes University of California professor, information and irrigation technology experts, and marketing and legal professionals.