NxEco Version 1.7.0

On Feb. 10, 2016, NxEco Inc. formally releases NxEco smart irrigation APP version 1.7.0.

Version1.7.0 is a major upgrade as:

  • The brand new Watering page. User could program the instant watering as
    • Select any individual zones and any individual run time (Min.) on each zone
    • Clear All programing
    • Stop Watering on individual Zone.
    • Save instant watering programs to Preset A, Preset B and Preset C.
    • Quick call these programs from preset A, B and C
  • An innovative Authorized Users procedure.

  • Provide smart weather info for more countries. France and Japan are now added to the supported county list.
  • Add a simple day-delay features on Delay page.

  • The date / Month schedule feature is added to scheduling.